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File extension VCF is commonly associated to electronic business cards usually sent through emails. Also referred to as vCards or VersitCard, the form contains personal information (e.g. first name, photo, birth date, email, logo, title, and role) of a sender. Files written with this extension can be used on multi-platform such as Mac, Linux, and Windows.

The idea of vCard was coined in 1995 by Versit consortium. The consortium is composed of big names in the industry including Apple Computers, IBM, Siemens, and AT&T Technologies. vCard was later acquired by Internet Mail Consortium in 1996 and was developed to meet the standards of advance computing.

Information that needs not to be included in an email can be added as attachments by using VCF format. Sending electronic business cards is not only possible through the Internet. It can also be used through Bluetooth. By using vCard, storing, importing, and exporting of business cards are made easy and reliable.

As an entity full of information, VCF files are favorite resources for worms and viruses that spread through email. These maliciously coded programs seek VCF files along with other file types to harvest information on their next victim. Some well known worms and viruses that used files with this extension to exploit information include variants of the Sober virus which was first seen in October of 2003.

Though the first forms of the email worm, Sober, did not specifically target VCF files, succeeding forms of the worm did contain scripts to locate for files containing information that can possibly be used to spread the worm including VCF files. Hundreds of other worms and viruses perform similar task on Windows systems.

Files with this extension can be used on most email and address book managing applications. This includes applications Apple Address Book, Microsoft Entourage, Eudora Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and several other email clients.

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